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About Us

Marian Lempicki, the head of First Chicago Remodeling&HvacMaybe the one on the job with a pencil behind his ear, and one where he’s showing sketches to a client has the know-how he got from learning as much as he can, every way he can.
He’s taken courses, trained on the job, and generally done some of everything you need to do to remake a home. He has licenses and calluses. Marian has something else you can’t learn. He’s enjoys helping his clients create the best, most beautiful, most practical, most suitable homes possible. After years of working for contractors, he decided to take the plunge and go into business for himself. He’s also starting a family, which motivates him to do a good job. His plan is to grow his business but never to outgrow quality in his finished projects. He’ll never be too busy to treat his clients well and to care about his work.

First Chicago Remodeling’s technique is to find out everything possible about what you want, how you like to plan, what to avoid, what’s your budget.  Then we’ll help you lay out ideas for the finished space, including cabinetry, surfaces, and mechanical systems like heating, plumbing, and appliances.

Here are some homes of happy clients, with some comments they were kind enough to let us pass along

We’ll have sketches for you, suggestions, and some more questions.  Is this what you pictured?  There’s no substitute for careful planning.  Plus this creative part can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the process.

Before we get change anything, we like to take some “Before” pictures.

The next part can get messy, but we take every precaution we can to protect your home from the dust and disruption of demolition. Next comes the basic work of leveling floors, truing walls, moving windows, running electrical wiring, plumbing, electronic cables.  All that gets covered with walls and flooring.

Then we build cabinetry.  Now you’re starting to see the basic shapes of the finished space. Next to last, all the surfaces are finished, moldings installed, the final polish is put on everthing.  We’re almost done, but we’ve got one crucial step – we ask you if this is what you want.  We’re not happy til you’re happy.



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